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This is where I talk about books I have read or would like to read. I may also talk a bit about authors and writing.

A Bookman’s Tale

A Bookman’s Tale: A Novel Of Obsession by Charlie Lovett is one of the first books in a long time that compelled me to stay up late and [..]

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To Live Forever – A Novel By Andra Watkins

Finally, finally, finally. The book To Live Forever: An Afterlife Journey of Meriwether Lewis by my buddy Andra Watkins is now available. I have watched the creation of [..]

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Blame It On Andra

I stared upward at the motionless ceiling fan. A faint glow filtered in the open bedroom door from the nightlight in the hall and reflected down off the [..]

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Review – The Maker Movement Manifesto

The Maker Movement is really gaining steam these days. From “Make Labs” down the road to Arduinos in every RadioShack, the maker phenomenon is spreading like wildfire. For [..]

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Tech eBooks and Videos On Sale

I am a computer guy in real life. It is what I do for a living – what I do to put food on the table and keep [..]

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