Buying Books

Well, Andra Watkins said I don't buy enough books. You know, pay out money. (She denies it, but I plan on placing the blame squarely on her.) At Home with Books: How Booklovers Live with and Care for Their LibrariesSo I am starting a list to prove her wrong. I may slowly go back and add more from past months, but at the moment it is just a current list.

Now Andra will deny she said this. And in her defense, this is how she responded to my original posting of this.

I said I was appalled at the number of people who say to my face that they will not buy a book when they can download stuff for free, even as they complain about how awful most of it is, when those same people know I am trying to convert to making money by selling books. You want better quality books, people? PAY FOR BOOKS. Many of them are actually worth the price of the cup of coffee you don't need anyway.

Sure. Whatever. From that I get that I should be buying more books. Ok. Fine with me.

So check and what will be an ever growing list of "Books Bought".