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I love cars, especially old British ones. In this category you might find information about my cars, car shows I have been to, or even stories about adventures in cars.

Early Cars

My first car was a 1971 MGBGT. While friends and classmates were getting Honda Civics, Chevy Chevettes, VW Beetles and various other mundane things, I held out. There [..]

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Adventures of Tintin and Old British Car Mags

The Adventures of Tintin and old British car magazines. Never know what you will find while cleaning at my house. Posted via email from Carnellm’s Posterous

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My Keyholder

Just a bit Brit there. The Cat’s Meow plaque holder is obviously from the Mini Meet in 2002. Then there is a Mini key fob, the keys to [..]

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The New (old) Car

We just got a new, old, car that will be our run-around-town and safe-on-gas transportation. This 1994 Eagle Summit ES has been in the family of a good [..]

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Another Tiny Treasure

I hate shopping at Wal-Mart. Even though my wife works there and so we get a discount, I just hate (cilantro? popcorn?) the place. But when I went [..]

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