Developing a Social Media Strategy

Social Media For Your BusinessJoin us for a fun and interactive presentation on the steps needed to develop an effective social media strategy. The August speakers for the Charleston County Library’s Small Business and Not-For-Profit lunch will be Cheryl Smithem of Strategic Marketing & Charleston PR and Ashley Thiesen Caldwell of The Modern Connection, LLC. Cheryl and Ashley are experienced marketers who will share the steps you need to take to plan an effective social media campaign. You’ll leave understanding “the HOW” behind making social media work for YOUR organization!

The talk will be Tuesday, August 10th from 11:45 a.m. – 1:15 p.m. Make plans to attend now, no RSVP necessary. As always, this will be in the conference room of the main branch of the Charleston County Public Library on Calhoun Street.

Oh, and no, you didn’t miss the July session. Due to vacations and scheduling conflicts, there is no July meeting.

Great Read – What To Do If Your Twitter Account Gets Suspended

Suspended Twitter Account

It was with this sunny outlook that I arose Sunday morning and checked in on Twitter. I love Twitter, and regard it as one of the most useful social media tools, which you already know if you read my last Blog post. Coffee in hand, I logged in, ready to do all the things Twitterphobes and Social Media Managers love to do.

And there it was – and I admit to a bit of hyperbole here – what I now affectionately call the Red Text Rectangle of Death. This Twitter account had been SUSPENDED.

Friends, it gets better – this was a CLIENT account.

For the rest of this story, and more importantly some great pointers on what to do if it happens, head on over to the Social Media Strategies site by Liz DeLoach. Let me tell you this – I was right there with her during the process and it was something you need to prepare for.

So go now, before you get the “Red Text Rectangle of Death“!

On Facebook but not Twitter? Stop, you need both!

twitter vs facebookSo you’re using Facebook, but you’re still not sure about Twitter? A lot of people think that because of their Facebook presence, Twitter would be redundant for them. I think I know why they feel that way. I believe it has a lot to do with Twitter’s status update prompt: “What’s happening?” They see a few folks who use those precious few 140 characters to share the mundane details of daily life and they think, “Wait, don’t I already do that on Facebook?” And they’re right. Except that this isn’t what you should do on Twitter. Twitter has a higher calling, as it were, which is great to be a part of once you understand a few key points. Make no mistake, I don’t THINK you should be on Twitter. I KNOW you should be there.

Much as I love and use it now, I readily admit at first I didn’t “get” Twitter. I don’t think most people do, initially. If you joined Facebook first, then Twitter may seem limited by comparison. Yet, Twitter in my opinion is by far a better medium to get really useful information from reliable sources on just about any topic of interest quickly and efficiently. Its brevity, which novices can find limiting and even frustrating, is its best and most valuable feature. Each tweet is easy to digest, can be easily shared, and the short bursts of info enable you to cover more “ground” quickly. The symbols and shorthand are easy to learn and use once you visit the site a few times. I use it both as communication and research tool. By following those individuals, organizations, and companies who have content of interest to you, you’ll find it an invaluable and virtually unlimited resource platform to use for your personal and professional benefit and that of others. Have a complaint about a company on Twitter? You’ll likely get a response in hours, if not minutes. Want to stay abreast of current events? Often the first place I learn of breaking events is Twitter. Other mediums are slow by comparison. Have insights to share? Tweet it. Looking for a job? Post a link to your resume. The possibilities are endless.
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Top 10 Reasons to Use Social Media for Business

Research published by analyst firm Access Markets International Partners shows that almost 70 percent of small and medium businesses actively use social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to promote their companies. But simply posting what your CEO had for lunch isn’t going to do much to help move your business forward. Smart companies are tactically using social media tools to increase their exposure to potential customers.

We’ve compiled ten of the most compelling reasons that you should consider using social media tools to promote your business.

  1. Brand Recognition: Using social media allows your company to reach the highest number of potential customers possible. Getting your name out there is incredibly important – studies have suggested that customers need to hear a company’s name at least seven times before they will gain the trust and respect needed to become a customer.
  2. Brand Monitoring: Having a social media presence allows you to better understand what current and potential customers are saying about your product or services. Through active social media monitoring, you have the opportunity to address negative comments and correct false or inaccurate information about your brand.
  3. Be Forward-Thinking: Your target audience is becoming savvier when it comes to the using social media sites in their daily lives. If you want to appear relevant and in-step with the latest advances in technology, your potential customers will want to see you on these sites as well.
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Slideshow – Find Us on Facebook

Theresa Wagner of the Charleston County Public Library gave an excellent talk pertaining to Facebook Fan Pages at the monthly networking meeting for small businesses and not-for-profits. Facebook is increasingly growing more important as a both a means of attracting new prospects and keeping in contact with current business contacts, and the creation and use of fan pages is still misunderstood by many. Theresa did an terrific job at removing some of the mysteries surrounding this subject. The slides for her presentation have been posted to SlideShare and are included below. She was also gracious enough to wear a microphone and allow me to record her presentation. That recording will be made available shortly as the next episodes in the podcast series.