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“Michael was helpful all the way through the process of setting my Mac up with Windows so that it would be compatible with my company’s software. He helped me choose the right products for the right price and then had everything set up for me, all within four days. I never had a problem reaching Michael, even when I called him several times a day to ask more questions!! Mike was a pleasure to work with, and I look forward to working with him more and sending him new customers.”

“Michael is one of the most knowledgeable IT professionals that I have ever known. His ability to quickly diagnose and resolve technical problems is exceptional.”

“Michael does a great job.”

“Michael is very good at what he does. He is easy to work with and can resolve most issues quickly. He stands by his work and quickly adjusts any glitch that may happen.”

“I could not be happier and have already referred someone. I will absolutely do so again.”

“Besides being a great guy to do work with, Michael is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits – as well as deliver them. He has successfully developed many solutions throughout his career that have resulted in transformational business value for the organizations he has worked with. If you want results and not just effort, Michael is the guy to engage.”

“I have had the pleasure of working with Michael for over 6 years. He is unbelievably conscientious and is deeply committed to his profession as well as his organization. Michael is among the most professional and technically competent clients I have ever interacted with.”

“Michael Carnell was an excellent mentor for me at my job. He always was there for me if I had a question or was just curious about how something worked.”

“Michael has been a great resource to me over the last 8 months, as his knowledge base in the IT/IS has helped me on multiple occasions. Since I have little experience in the field (owning a laptop isn’t qualification enough), Michael’s ability to present and demonstrate very technical information in an easy to understand format is a huge asset, not mention he makes it fun and interesting. Those I have referred Michael to have passed along thier compliments, as well. In closing, I will continue to recommend him to anyone looking to add value to their business technology needs. In this day and age, Michael’s service, coupled with integrity, are a must in our complicated digital world.”

“Michael is a highly-intelligent, level-headed professional that is extremely adept in understanding the linkage between business strategy and technical solutions and how to ensure solutions align with the company’s needs. Michael is candid with information that is based on his vast experience and his ability to thoroughly research a topic. I would highly recommend Michael and would be honored and very happy to work with him in the future. I highly value and trust Michael’s opinion and expertise.”

“Time and time again, over the course of several years, Michael provided us with authoritative and engaging columns for Intelligent Enterprise magazine on the topic of business intelligence. His copy was always snappy and clean, and allowed his humor to subtly shine through without upstaging the valuable information imparted to readers. He was extremely easy to work with and I always looked forward to receiving his columns, which, as far as I can recall, were always in by deadline. Several times, we called on Michael at the last minute, begging for an extra article when other plans fell through, and he was very accommodating. He always seemed to have an idea up his sleeve.”