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Since I make my living as a computer programmer, this category has to be in here somewhere. This could be information about Macs versus PCs, or it could be software reviews. Or it could just be some oddball rant about a printer or a cellphone.

WordPress Security Presentation

The first ever WordCamp Charleston was held this past Saturday to a sellout crowd, and it was a huge success. Everyone involved did a great job, and there [..]

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Review – The Maker Movement Manifesto

The Maker Movement is really gaining steam these days. From “Make Labs” down the road to Arduinos in every RadioShack, the maker phenomenon is spreading like wildfire. For [..]

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A Choice of Simple Tools

My primary requirement for a tool is that it stay out of my way. Ok, so maybe that is requirement number two, right after the requirement of the [..]

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A Look at a Online Word Processors

More and more I find that ideas occur to me and the need to write calls to me when I am on a computer, but not necessarily my [..]

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All That New Christmas Technology

OK, so I am writing an update of my post from 2009 that was titled “So You Got A New PC“. I will finish it and get it [..]

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