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These are the more hardcore articles about the hardware and operating system software on Macs and PCs. In other words, this is the geeky stuff.

All That New Christmas Technology

OK, so I am writing an update of my post from 2009 that was titled “So You Got A New PC“. I will finish it and get it [..]

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Backup Your DVDs and a Contest!

How often have you wanted to take a DVD that you own and move the contents to your laptop, iPod, iPad or, shudder, Android phone to take on [..]

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So You Got A New PC …

Congratulations, you got a new PC for Christmas. Or maybe you bought a new one for your business before the end of the year tax season runs out.  [..]

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Q & A: Windows 7 Upgrade

Question: Windows 7 is available to those who bought a new computer recently. How about the older computers? Do we buy them separately or are they available through [..]

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Q & A: Sticking Keys on Keyboard

Question: What should I do with a keyboard when some keys seem to need an extra push? Is this it wear and tear or a cleaning issue? Answer: [..]

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