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Since I make my living as a computer programmer, this category has to be in here somewhere. This could be information about Macs versus PCs, or it could be software reviews. Or it could just be some oddball rant about a printer or a cellphone.

Tech Book Review – Zero To Maker

Are you a closet inventor? Have you heard about the strange new thing called 3-D printing and would like to try your hand at it? Do you believe [..]

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You're A Professional, Act Like One!

This is a rant. I will admit it right off. I have been hitting a lot of new folks in various writing and social media communities recently and [..]

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Presenting on WordPress Security

Just wanted to let you all know that I will be speaking at the May WordPress User Group meeting on WordPress Security. Since WordPress enjoys the position of being [..]

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Nexus 7 Tablet Six Month Review

I have had my Google Nexus 7 Android tablet for a little more than six months now. You can see my early impressions of it back when I [..]

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Browser Add-Ons

I love it when they quote me! 😉 Check out this fine article on browser add-ons that quotes you know who. Kelli Grant, the journalist who wrote this [..]

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