Extremist Stupidity

Can someone explain to me how anyone in this country, right or left, would not want their child listening to an address by the President. I really don’t care which I way lean, if the President is making a speech, especially to children regarding education, I would love for my kids to hear it. It can be by Bush or by Obama, by Reagan or by Clinton. These are important people, arguably the most important single individuals in our country, so why would I not want my children to hear them speak?

Some say that in his upcoming speech to our schools President Obama will try to push his leftist agenda. Well first of all, that is kind of narrow minded. But even more importantly, why would any parent be so afraid that one speech on a television by a distant individual is going to undo all of the teachings they have done with their child. Perhaps they are afraid their kid will learn the truth? Perhaps they are afraid that they haven’t had such a great influence on their child up to this point? Perhaps they haven’t watched the horrible role models their children are glued to TV every afternoon and evening?

When I hear the hatred and fear being spewed out of some of these parent’s mouths, I realize that our educational and religious systems really have failed some people. Only pure ignorance, stupidity and bigotry could fuel such comments. I am left in pure sad wonder at these events. And with that, more than anything else, I fear for the future of this great country.