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Articles here have something to do with two of the great joys of my life – family and friends. You may know some of these people and you may not, but they are all important to me.

The Woman is Cracked

“Andrea, you are nuts,” he said. “Your senses have fallen out of a crack in your skull.” “I am not! And my name is Andra, not Andrea. Why [..]

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The Good Times – Exercise #22

Fast on the heels of my ten favorite foods list from yesterday, today’s exercise is to illuminate you on the best thing that has happened this year. A [..]

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Difficult Times – Exercise #20

I am guessing some might call it a cheap way out to just point at the poem I wrote earlier today and declare that to be the answer [..]

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It's Coming Any Second

My head turns, and I can take no more meds, starting to lose me. But turning again, I can’t take any more days, Where I continue to lose [..]

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Pride Goeth Before Parenthood – Exercise #17

Today’s exercise is about pride. I am going to switch it up a bit, use multiple definitions, and generally do what I feel like. So when the exercise [..]

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