Keys To Success In Hard Times

sunborderThe current financial problems both in the US and abroad have all sorts of media types coming out of the woodwork. Some are projecting doom and gloom while others are looking for people or parties to blame. But I am more interested in the articles I see on how to survive and even prosper during these hard times.

One of the main messages being put forth by the articles I read is that attitude will make or break you. If you are a pessimist and decide that things are going to be bad, then they will be. If you are an optimist, look at the bright side, and use that to find the niches and opportunities that work for you, then you can stay afloat.

This is not to say that you can be a happy go-lucky fool and just go about spending and goofing off. No, you still need to pay attention, be careful, and be serious about watching income and expenses. But, by having a positive attitude you will not only be able to see opportunities when they arise, but you will be more attractive to the people who put forth those opportunities. It is unusual circumstances that reward the unconventional thinkers.

You know, a good thing about rough times is that all the people who were just get-rich-quick schemers and opportunists have a tendency to go away. I was once told that one of the best thing about a really tough problem in a job is that it would eliminate those who didn’t know what they were doing and give the really good people a chance to shine. Well this is exactly the same thing with dedicating yourself to what you believe in during hard financial times. Believe me, that dedication and expertise will show, and this will help give you the opportunity to rise to the top.

So remember, the economic environment is the same for all of us, but you have the final say in how you deal with it – optimism or pessimism. The choice, and the result, is up to you.