My Home Office has a Thief

My Home OfficeHere is a picture of my desk and computer. Yes, this is my humble office at home. Sorry, I can’t show you a wider shot, but it is also our bedroom. The book case on the right holds lots of automotive books on MGs, classic car racing, and BMWs. There is also a decent collection of British car models and toys and one very nice clock that was given to me by The British Car Club of Charleston on their 20th anniversary. It is in recognition of me founding the club in 1983. The computer you see on the desk is my 14″ iBook. What you don’t see in this picture, off to the right beyond the bookcase, is a big chair that I settle back in with the laptop when I don’t want to sit at the desk. All-in-all a very nice setup.

Now, look closely. Click on the picture to make it larger then look up there in the upper corner of the window. I have one of those suction cup bird feeders on the window. I like to keep the birds fat and happy, and I like to watch them while I work. But today, something else appeared. Again, look closely – look sitting on the feeder. A thief! Yes, that’s right, a furry little thief. Well, actually not so litle. In fact he or she is actually pretty fat. Want a closer look? Click here. I guess I can’t be too mad though as he is kind of cute. And all creatures great and small need to eat.