Odd Man Out

This is my whiny post – the one where I go “oh poor pitiful me.” The subject of my whine? I am whining because sometimes I get tired of being odd, or as I would prefer to call it, “eccentric”.
Here are just a few examples: I don’t care most major sports and hate football. But I love soccer. I am from the Deep South, but do not like watermelon, iced tea, or collared greens. I really like trains, and would like to build a model railroad. But I like English trains. I keep looking and looking, but most newstands here in the US have stopped carrying British Railway Modelling and Railway Modeller. Could it be the exchange rate? Or the cost of gas to get them here? Even the magazines I can find about real (non-model) railways are about US ones, not English or European. I could go on about my love for strange British cars too, but I think you get the picture.

Oh, and lets not leave out the fact that I work in a very conservative office, in a very conservative industry, in a very conservative city, in a very conservative state. And I am very liberal. Sometimes the arguments are fun, but sometimes it makes me just want to give up and move.

So, do you ever feel like this? Other than those highschool years when you were sure that you were the only one who had ever felt the way you did, have you ever continually felt like odd man out? Or odd woman? What do you do about it? It would be very hard to switch, and more than a tad dishonest to yourself. So, as you keep plodding along on your own road, how to you keep your head up and keep a cheerful disposition?