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Here we go, the two things you shouldn’t talk about at work or at the dinner table with your in-laws. Well, guess what? I can discuss religion and politics here on my own site.

A Response to the “Evil” Dilemma: All About Intent

I would like to welcome my friend, very old friend actually, Eddie Matthews to the podium. I have known Eddie  since early-high school, and probably before. We had [..]

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The Hypocrite's Life

So two days ago I wrote a long post about evil. I wrote about how evil creeps into our lives either directly or indirectly. I also talked a [..]

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Whence Cometh Evil?

I have been wondering a lot recently about the nature of evil. Or specifically, how evil actions come about. It is pretty easy to look at the actions [..]

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Nightmares of Our Own Making

We torture ourselves far more than any one else ever could. When we read The Scarlet Letter back in high school (at least by then hopefully) we marvel [..]

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The Paradox of Our Age

Saw this quoted from the 14th Dali Lama. Love it.   We have bigger houses but smaller families; more conveniences, but less time. We have more degrees but [..]

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