Smoke Lies, and the Nanny State

If you haven’t already read the article (It’s been floating around on the many cigars forums alot lately) I would definitely recommend checking it out. The essay isn’t short, but it is well worth the time. Below you will find a link to Joe Jackson’s website where you can read or download the article in pdf format. The article can also be found in the latest issue of Cigar Magazine (Winter 2007, Pages 24 through 51).

Smoke Lies, and the Nanny State
This essay, the culmination of four years of research, replaces Joe’s previous essay “The Smoking Issue”. Also included at the end of the essay are Joe’s op-ed pieces for the New York Times and the Telegraph of London.

Make sure to check it out. It is an excellent piece of writing and the type that really needs to be given more air.

Oh, and if you can and are of that interest, check out the previously mentioned Cigar Magazine too. An excellent magazine for “real” cigar smokes and the current Winter issue also has an excellent article on Port.

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