New Story Circle – Sully Part I

Back in June of this year I participated in a story circle on Cameron Garriepy’s web site. Go ahead and read that story at “A Line Run Rounds the World“. It was great fun, a good exercise, and now it is about to happen again. This Dark Highwaytime though I will be part two instead of the initial kick off. A fellow blogger and all around interesting person Shannon, aka MrSugarbears, has written part one and another friend of mine is writing part three. The four different parts are coming out on the successive Wednesdays in November.

I have put a bit of part one here, but to read the full thing and then continue on with the story you need to go to read “Sully” on Cameron’s site. And of course I will be giving you a taste and a link to my part two of this story a week from now.

Sully, Part One:

Sully could not remember the last time that she had slept or had anything to eat. She just kept driving. The interstate is the loneliest of places when you are scared and a dangerous place when you and your car are running on empty. The light had just come on and Sully knew she had to find a service station within the next 20 miles or she really was in trouble. She was stricken with panic. Was it following her? She needed to find a station fast and fill up.

Desperately trying to shake the whispered breaths that were chilling the back of her neck she reached for her trusty thermos. Why had she been tempted to open the box? If she had only left it alone, but of course her curiosity had gotten the best of her. Now she just prayed she could drive far enough away that it could not find her. Her intuition told her she had a long road ahead.

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