The Sully Story Circle – Part IV

Well you waited for it, and finally is here! We have now been gifted with Part IV of the most recent story circle, and this Cameron Garriepytime it is authored by none other than the story circle host herself, Cameron Garriepy. Cameron has been extremely busy recently with a new job, the publishing of her Twelve Days ’til Christmas, her short story From the Earth To The Moon, and so many other ventures that it makes me feel like a serious under achiever.

But, she took time out from her schedule to write the last part of the current story circle. The first part was penned by Shannon Gooding, the second part by the one and only me, the third part by Amanda Holling, and now we wind up with the talents of Cameron.  So, here is a taste of the beginning of the end, and you can continue reading on her site. And trust me, you want to continue reading – she has produced an excellent and unexpected conclusion.

Sully, Finale

The Jaguar wasn’t built for the road it met at the end of the ramp. Sully bumped along a half a mile of broken asphalt and mud road through deep evergreen forest. She kept her eyes ahead. Behind lay madness, that much was clear.

Ahead, through a mist which lay, thick and creeping, along the forest floor, the soft pale light beckoned.

Sully felt silence pressing against the outside of the car. This silence had weight. She imagined it with hands to press against the glass and steel, but the vision brought on another bout of nausea. She swiped her clammy hands on her jeans and steered the car around the worst of the potholes.

She’d awoken drenched in sweat and tears in the hotel bed, two time zones from home, from an endless dream-loop of pursuit — prey to an unseen, all-seeing predator. Like a night-blind animal, she’d obeyed a primal instinct to flee the evil that was the box without stopping to consider that the box had chosen her.

That whatever the box contained had called to her from its table in the little shop.

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Sully Story Circle – Part II

The Story CircleSo last week I introduced you to a new story circle hosted by Cameron Garriepy and started off by our friend Shannon. Shannon got us off to a fast paced start and then left me to pick up with Part 2. Well, it is Wednesday again, so now you can have my addition. What appears below is just a taste; please head on over to Cameron’s site to read the full thing. And if you haven’t read the first part of Sully’s story, you can start here.  Oh, and next week the third part will be published, and I am pleased to announce that it is by my friend, and fellow Doctor Who fan, Amanda Holling.

And now … Sully – Part II

The sound of the engine and the feel of the car moving again brought a bit of comfort, but not enough to allow Sully to relax. She wanted to go faster, to get away from whatever it was behind her, but she didn’t know what she would do if she saw a blue light. Would she stop? She didn’t think the highway patrol could be of any help to her, but wouldn’t she have to stop anyway? And if she did stop, what would she say? How could she explain what she was running from?

And with that the doubt started to creep in. What exactly was it that she was running from? And where was she running to? Sully felt the need to get help, but whom was she seeking out? When she had jumped in her Jaguar and sped away from the hotel she was frantic. She had to get away from that box. But now, although she wasn’t any where near calming down, she wasn’t so sure of what she was doing either. As her headlights pushed on down the road she thought about that box.

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