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TI LaunchPad, Relays and Rail In Action

More fun with the Texas Instrument’s Launchpad! But sorry, but not mine. This belongs to Model Rail Radio contributor and great RR guy Terry Terrance. Terry has been [..]

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JMRI Updates

Not that I have any involvement with the development at all, but just wanted to make sure that folks know there have been big strides in updating JMRI [..]

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Managing Your Digital Life

I just thought I would pass along to all of you a great new website dedicated to the way all live now. The Managing Your Digital Life Podcast [..]

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Making The Break

This hereby serves as my official notice – just in case you hadn’t already guessed – I am striking out on my own. Yes, I am leaving my [..]

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Computers Suck

I am a Mac fan, user, and evangelist. On the other hand I earn my living on PCs and Windows machines. And yes for those of you out [..]

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