A Slight Change of Identity

No slight of hand or shifty footwork involved, I am just going to be doing business more under my own name instead of the “Palmettobug Digital” monicker. Why? Well first of all most people know my business and work by my own name anyway, so the company name was just confusing things a bit.

Michael CarnellSecond, some people don’t know what a palmettobug is or have bad feelings about them, so that identity wasn’t working. In truth, a lot of folks visit the site looking for exterminators! This showed me that I needed to take a dose of my own medicine and clarify my identity. I preach this all the time to other people and organizations, I just had to follow my own advice.

Finally, I really just need my work to be more identifiable as mine. When I teach a class or do a social media consultation for someone, it is me, Michael Carnell, doing that. That is the name people know and trust, so that is the face I needed to put on my work. I will also be bringing this site together with The Social Media Monster site in the very near future to further reduce the multiple personalities.

It doesn’t hurt either that if you do a search for Michael Carnell on Google, Bing or Yahoo the entire first page is me. If you search on any of those other terms I am there, but not as strong. I want to be where the people are!

I hope this doesn’t confuse anyone, and I would love to get your feedback. Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think of me dropping the separate identities of “Palmettobug” and “The Social Media Monster” and going by “Michael Carnell”.

Making The Break

This hereby serves as my official notice – just in case you hadn’t already guessed – I am striking out on my own. Yes, I am leaving my current position and going into business for myself providing computer consulting, development, and instructional services. When I walk out of my office on November 7th, I will be walking into the full time (and more) world of Palmettobug Digital. Oh, and I will be spending the next few days painting and cleaning up the new home office.

There are many reasons for this, but the most important thing is that I am totally excited about the future again. I had gotten down in a lot of ways recently, but the old energy has returned and I am raring to go! I already have a number of clients lined up, including doing some work for my current employer, and I am developing ways to gather more. Every piece of this project – from the marketing to the actual work is engaging to me right now. I am actually finding it hard to go to bed and sleep because my mind keeps racing. Truthfully, I haven’t been this energized in years.

So, please wish me well and stay tuned. Also, please check out my site at Palmettobug.com and let me know what you think. It is a constantly evolving work in progress. And if you need any of the services I am offering, or know someone who does, I would love to hear from you!

And by the way, love this video!