Till Angels Bid Us Rise

I was reading some short passages this weekend in Charleston Magazine from back in February of this year. Yes, I am often way behind in my reading. But these short works in a featured titled “In Love with the Lowcountry” reminded my of how much I love the cemeteries and churchyard of my home town.

When I was in college many years ago I used to steal away with my books, often poetry, and sit in these ‘fine and private’ places. I could read, recharge my spirit, and be at one with the history of the old city. I still do this from time to time. It helps that I am member of one of the churches that has a churchyard that offers such solace. But, also I seek others out. Magnolia Cemetery is a wonderful haven.

So indulge me, if you will, for a few pictures and a few favorite lines of poetry.

UCChs Churchyard

“…we’ll close our eyes,
To the decaying world,
till angels bid us rise.”
— from The Christian Year
by Rev John Keble Continue reading “Till Angels Bid Us Rise”

Precipice – A Review

Precipice (The Literary Anthology of Write on Edge)As luck would have it, this is a great collection of poems and short stories. The work of over 20 authors, Precipice  brings together tales of luck, both good and bad fortune, from the members of the online writing community “Write on Edge“. You will find everything in this work from fantasy to horror, straight forward fiction to modern poetry. It is not by luck that all of these entries are each enticing in their own way – the panel that selected them has done their job very well. The styles are varied as are the voices and subject matter, but all of the pieces are joined together by the quality of the writing.

Through this book I have gotten some great glimpses into the works of old friends, but I have also learned about new authors I was not familiar with. Precipice is like a stream branching out in many different directions offering me new vistas around every corner. Good stuff and money well spent.

I would be remiss in not mentioning that my buddy Andra Watkins has a story in here, and quite a good tale I might add. In addition, Cameron Garriepy is one of the driving forces behind the book. I love to see my friends do such great work!

Twilight is a Tempting Lover

Sunset on Charleston HarborTwilight is a tempting lover,
sharing slight secrets in the evening hour.
Hints of pale moonlight, and sparkles of promised stars
show meekly out from her dark robes.
Calming contrast to her twin the dawn,
all action and anticipation and allure –
new beginnings,
and unknown worlds.
Twilight brings the calm of the familiar,
the curve that fits the palm,
and the scent of sacred sweat.
The promise is a familiar one,
reassuring and warm.
We wrap ourselves up in those robes,
And lie down with her once more.