I Do Not Like The Silence – Day #7

The assignment for day seven is “your pet hates.” So is this things I personally hate, like pet peeves? Or is this things that my cats and dogs dislike? For the sake of argument, and because no one really cares what my pets don’t like, I am going to go with the former. So today I will discuss a few of the things that I hate – or at least drive me nuts. As Mrs Cootchie Mama of cilantro fame knows, I should not say “hate”. So let’s just say these things really tick me off. (And boy, I am pretty good at getting ticked off.)

Remember The SilenceFirst is people who just don’t pay attention. You have hopefully seen, not been, the person in the grocery store checkout line who doesn’t realize they are ever going to have to pay. They stand in line wait their turn. When they finally make it up to the check out clerk they chat, and look around, and maybe talk on their cellphone. Then everything is rung up, bagged, and totaled. Now the clerk tells them the total. Wait! What? I have to pay? Astounding!! Let me know start digging through my travel kit sized purse for some form of payment. What the heck?! All that time they were in line they could have had their wallet in hand, they card out, or their check filled out all except for the total. Now we all get to wait in stunned silence while they catch up with life.  Bet they are the same folks who sit at the traffic light when it changes from red to green and just stare off into space – until finally the driver in the car behind them gets fed up enough to honk. Then they will look back, highly offended, wasting more time, and finally pull off as the light turns from green to yellow to red thereby insuring that only they, and maybe one other car, makes it through the light.

And yes folks I take medication for this stuff.

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