My Worst Habits – Exercise #9

Seriously? My worst habits? That is what this exercise wants me to discuss next? But I don’t have any bad habits – I am Agitated Habitsperfect! And modest too. But you know, asking someone to list their worst habits is like those job interview questions where they ask you what the worst thing about your job performance would be … “oh, the worst thing is that I want everything to be right. I just care too much!”  Sure, right. That means you are a pain in the butt.

But, enough of them, back to me. Luckily this says my worst “habits” not “traits” so I don’t have to go into my insecurities or anything. Probably my worst habit is procrastination. I am one of those people who claims that “I do my best work under pressure.” Well that is because most of my work is done under pressure because I wait till the last minute to do it. I have done that since I was a kid in school researching and writing papers. Honestly I waited until the last minute before even trying to read whatever book we were writing on. The bad thing about that is that I am a very slow reader. I have always read like the English major I am. I labor over each word and sentence; analyzing the construction of the smallest details in both the mechanics and the meaning. Let me tell you, when you are reading Dickens that can take a very long time!

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