Rolling Down Memory Lane

I came across this video on YouTube, and I absolutely love it. It captures my wistful feelings towards streetcars while showing some of the great machines on exhibit at the Baltimore Streetcar Museum. Just watch the way it transitions from videos from the past to the present along with a subtle change in the music. And if anyone can tell me what the music is, I would really appreciate it.

So think back to the early part of the last century. Ok, you probably can’t think back to then, but you can imagine. Imagine the change from an agrarian to an industrial nation. Imagine the first world war, a war that for the first time truly had machines of war. A time when automated personal transportation was becoming a reality as automobiles reached the masses. Electricity, radios and mass transit were moving the population closer together and making the world smaller.

This was the world of the streetcar. I am not going to imply that it was a simpler or better time, but it was certainly different. Actually, for many people it was a more complex time of change, and many were far worse off than people are today. It was a time of segregation and injustice in voting rights. A time of extreme poverty and massive political corruption. It was, overall, a time we can learn from. A time of lessons that can be learned from today and applied to our current world.

All in all, a fascinating time. And a time that is now fading from memory as the last of those who lived in that time are passing away.

Oh, and if anyone would like to give me a late Christmas present or early Valentine’s or birthday present, take a look at this beautiful little model of a Peter Witt streetcar.

You Are The Social Media Revolution

I had all but forgotten about this great video until I saw it again today. I was at the College of Charleston taking part in a presentation on Social Media with Dr. Bing Pan. He is well respected in the field and in Hospitality & Tourism Management, and it was on honor to be on stage with him. Anyway, he started the presentation out with this video, and I was immediately reminded of how good it is and how hard hitting some of the facts are. To that end, I thought I would post it here for your enjoyment.

For more from the people who made this, just check out SocialNomics.

Made In Britain – The TV Series

One man… stripped of everything he owns and challenged to just buy British…

Join award-winning television comedian Dom Joly on an epic road trip around Britain in an attempt to fill his house from top to bottom with British-made products in the brand new series Made In Britain.

As part of this unique experiment, Dom will have his family home turned upside down and stripped of everything he owns that’s not made in the UK. He’s then challenged to go on a remarkable shopping trip, travelling the length and breadth of the country to try and replace all his foreign goods with British-made products.

Before the inspectors arrive, Dom’s quaint country cottage in the Cotswolds is a safe haven for foreign merchandise: the Italian coffee machine, a television manufactured in Japan and pants made in Taiwan. In no time at all the Joly family home isn’t looking quite so jolly anymore. In their bid to find out what’s British and what’s not, the experts have banished two thirds of everything they’ve looked at including his bed, laptop and, controversially, his wife’s cosmetics, and Dom is left with little more than his Savile Row suit, a pair of muddy Wellington boots and a lengthy shopping list for his trip.
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