In Defense of Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise and ScientologyThere has been a lot of talk on the web and even the national news over the last couple of days about how Tom Cruise is nuts and how the Church of Scientology is whacked out. This all stems from a video that leaked out of an awards ceremony and has been posted on the net. Yes, maybe Tom is a little overboard on this and yes, maybe the Scientology isn’t for everyone. But how is what he is stating that much different that the evangelicals of many religions? Christians and Islamics both have radical wings that to the rest of us seem way over the top.

No, I am not defending Scientology – sorry, but I don’t agree with them – and no, I am not attacking Christians or Islamics or any other religion. What I am saying is that here is a guy who is fervent about what he believes in. For that I congratulate him. He may be wrong, but at least he believes in something enough to speak up for it and act upon it. As long as what he is doing and saying isn’t harming others, then let him alone. He feels that his religion compels him to act and help others. Sounds like a call that many religions have and that few people in those religions follow.

What I think most people are upset about is that he is excited and fervent about an idea that they don’t believe. If he had the same energy and push for a Christian religion you would call him a missionary. If he was attacked or even killed for this belief, you would call him a martyr. But, since his is a viewpoint that the majority don’t hold, we just seem his as a nut case with too much visibility.

Sounds like we need learn a bit more about acceptance. Or at the very least, tolerance.