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I like trains, trolleys, and model railroads. There, I said it. And I am proud of it. Some of the information here may also be on my Charleston Rail website, but most of this is more person.

An Example of DCC, Raspberry PI and NTrak

I was browsing the web looking for examples of NTrak modules, the standard for small N scale modular model railroads, when I came across the website of the Piedmont [..]

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Christmas On Track

Christmas time has come and gone again, and I did quite well in the gift department. I got all kinds of great things from friends and family. I [..]

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Building A Locomotive

No, not a model one.  A friend of mine sent me this link to an amazing video of the construction of a “Princess Royal” class steam locomotive at [..]

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NMRA Convention – Arrival Day

Not much going on today. We got into Atlanta about 2pm and went directly to the convention to check in. All went smoothly and everyone is friendly – [..]

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Stillness by Rick Bragg

Ok, this is kind of cheating to post this on my train site, but it is a great essay and really brings back the memory of trains from [..]

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