What's Inside The Fridge – Exercise #12

OMG, it smells in there! Seriously, this is not happening. The exercise for today is to tell what is inside my fridge. And I will do that, at least partially, but before I do I am going to selectively edit the fridge and toss a few things out.  [Insert The Fridgestream of consciousness pause here.] And now that is done we can continue with Exercise Number 12: What’s Inside the Fridge.

We have a fairly normal sized side-by-side refrigerator. The left side is a freezer and the right side is the fridge. We can fairly safely ignore the left side. About all that is in there are some ice trays (do ice dispensers ever really work for long?), some ice cream and some English muffins my dad gave us for Christmas.

The right side isn’t very well populated at the moment, mainly because I just threw out some stuff before starting this exercise. On the top shelf are a couple of bottle of beer and two growlers. The growlers of beer come from the Charleston Beer Exchange and have two different ales; New Belgium Brewing’s Ranger Imperial Pale Ale and Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale. There are also a couple of bottles of pumpkin ale left over from the fall that I still have drunk yet.

Further down the shelves things get much more mundane – cream cheese, cheddar cheese, some tortillas, a plastic contain filled with leftover green beans and potatoes. Next shelf we get to eggs, more tortillas and the left over roast beef that was the partner of the aforementioned beans and potatoes. Note to self – we are out of bacon and sausage. No biggie for at least another week though since I am in bachelor mode and sure won’t cook those just for myself.

The vegetable bins at the bottom are empty right now. They weren’t a short while ago, but after inspecting what was in there they are now. And we won’t go into the results of what I found.

Looking at the door we see that the bottom two shelves have adult and juvenile beverages – two bottles of wine, a bottle of Diet Coke and what is left of a bottle of Diet Mountain Dew. I am seriously realizing that his is looking more and more like a bachelor’s fridge. Interesting.

Keep going up the door and you will get to some sandwich meat, more cheese, catsup, mustard, butter and other condiments, and finally a great many packets of Taco Bell taco sauce. Grabbing those for free sure beats paying for the stuff at the grocery.

In summary, what we can conclude is that the contents are primarily a reflection of me, not of anyone else in the house. We can also conclude that the contents are basically the same in form and function as they were nearly 30 years ago when I graduated college. Oh, and if you turn around and look, you will also notice I even still have MG parts on the dining table. Sigh. If you had asked me, without looking, I would have told you that my habits had changed greatly and matured since then. Well Hell, obviously I was mistaken.

And now if you will excuse me, I am going to go grocery shopping. I will do my best to avoid the center aisles, shop from the outside, and perhaps even buy something green. Wait, Heineken comes in a green bottle, doesn’t it?