World Book Day

Today is World Book Day! Much bigger in the UK and Ireland than it is here in the US, the website says, “World Book Day moves into its second decade in the UK and Ireland in 2008. Over this relatively short period World Book Day has become firmly established as the biggest annual event promoting the enjoyment of books and reading.” World Book Day Penguins

What could be better? With the ever decreasing number of readers and, at least in my mind, the ever decreasing literacy and intelligence level in this country, we should really get behind this. In fact I am going to do my part. This evening I will take both of my kids to either Barnes And Noble or Books-A-Million and buy them each a book. And then I will somehow make sure they both read those books. I would much rather go to a small local bookseller, but unfortunately those are drying up faster than the Georgia water supply.

So, do yourself and us all a favor and promote World Book Day. Go to the library. Buy a kid a book. Pick up some inexpensive books and donate them to a school, church, or civic group. Or better yet, sit down and read a book to a young child who has yet to find the joy. No that would be a gift worth giving.