Just call me “Carnell”, everyone else does. I am a British car fanatic, train enthusiast, writer, lover of travel & good food, publisher of Just British Online Motoring Magazine, WordPress developer, web programmer, chess aficionado, and general eccentric.

  • Lionel Trains Warehouse Sale – Charlotte, NC
    Well, this is the weekend of the big warehouse sale up at Lionel Trains’ headquarters up in Concord, North Carolina, just on the north side of Charlotte.
  • Sunday without a Net
    I am cutting the cord – at least on Sunday. Well, every Sunday. I spend on average at least 10 to 12 hours per work day on the computer. On the weekends, I spend … Read more
  • Friends – Something To Be Thankful For
    Our world is built upon the lives of those we have known. They are all there in the earth and the sky and the oceans. But friends, friends are something more. They are the … Read more