31 Days of Crap – #1

So this is going to be a 31 day series that has nothing to do with the rest of what I am writing. That is one of the reasons I am going to do it. The “challenge” is 31 days of self exploration and explanation. Not something I am comfortable with or would normally do – but I am basically 31 days away from my 50th birthday. Yup, about to stick my first foot in the grave. So I will do this series not only as an explanation of who I am and what I do, but as a way to get it all down before I forget it all. I still plan on writing my normal effluvium during this period, but there could also, and obviously, be some overlap.

31 Day Blog Challenge
From http://boyboyandme.blogspot.com – be forewarned that our sites resemble each other not in the least.

And by the way, this challenge and the graphic comes from a blog titled “BoyBoyAndMe“. Not sure how I ended up there, or who really writes it, but I can promise if you visit there you will find a much sweeter site and no resemblance between this place and there.

So here we go… #1 Introduction and recent photo. Probably one of my most hated crap tasks – so superficial. Let’s get this out of the way, here is the photo. And yes, I cheated. This is just a photo of my arm currently.  No face at the time being. Wanna know what I look like? Look over at the picture on the right of this site – I haven’t changed much in 30 years. Or more.

My Arm


That is my arm. Yup, that’s it. I draw on myself. Sometimes to help me remember things. Sometimes as a kind of charm. Sometimes out of a nervous twitch. One day I will probably get a real tattoo, but until then I have randomly changing symbols. And now I am going to cheat again. I wrote a brief intro to myself over on Andra Watkins’ Accidental Cootchie Mama blog about a week ago. I am going to snatch that and reuse most of it here. So here goes…

I am also sometimes known as a smart-ass. Or just plain obnoxious. Very often my friends, for some unknown reason, just call me “Carnell”. They seem to ignore my first name. [I have been friend with Andra for a few years now since] at a social media panel, she politely ripped a local “sales person” a new one. She did it in that charming Southern way that few can, and it was wonderful. We have been friends ever since. Plus she has a cool husband who despite is clean calm exterior is actually cluttered and hilarious.

Personally, I am a computer programmer, English major, ex-rare book dealer who loves trains, plays with old British cars, and smokes the occasional cigar. If I had more money they might call me eccentric.

I can be found on GooglePlus and Twitter and Facebook and LinkedIn and Spotify and Pandora and Pinterest and, well just about everywhere. There are links to my junk on my site or you can just Google me.

Oh, and just FYI, I love cilantro!!!

So that is enough for now. Until tomorrow…