About Me

I am Michael Carnell. There, that is settled! I was born in Louisiana and grew up in Charleston, South Carolina. When I graduated from the College of Charleston I lived for a while in Savannah, Georgia, before moving to Atlanta. When we grew tired of living in Atlanta and dealing with traffic, we moved back home to Charleston and have been here ever since. Yes, Charleston is home.

For my technical breakdown, please check out my Technical Page.

My interests are varied but include traveling as much as possible, hiking and occasionally running, collecting books, messing around with old British cars, and studying and playing with trains and trolleys of all varieties.

We have to talk about cars since I am a car guy. At the moment my main transportation is a 2003 Dodge Dakota pickup that I snagged dirt cheap. Hey, it has A/C and hauls lots of stuff! I also have a 2002 Land Rover Discovery that used to be my regular drive. I am about to sell it though – just as soon as I fix a few things and give it a good cleaning.

Regardless of the above vehicles, my pride and joy is Catherine. Catherine is my 1966 Vanden Plas Princess 1100. I drive her to work occasionally but mostly to shows and on weekend outings. This is a wonderful car which was shipped over from England about 15 years ago by a friend of mine on the West Coast. Luckily when it came time for the car to find a new home I was first in line. She truly is a dream come true.

Catherine - 1966 Vanden Plas Princess

Finally, I have a 1977 MGB roadster that I am restoring and preparing to get back on the road – it is out there in the garage just itching to be driven.

To find out more about all the British cars I love, just visit JustBritish. To find out more about MG 1100s and other cars like Catherine you can go to my MG 1100 site.

On the work side, I am a programmer and sys admin for the Medical University of South Carolina. I have also done a good bit of writing for technical publications of both the print and electronic variety. For more details on what I have written, check out my list of publications.

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