One Problem Down

Well, we got a nice weekend day and nobody was sick so I got a chance to work on Roxy a bit. I figured that I should tackle the exhaust leak since it was not only noisy but unhealthy. There is nothing like riding in a car for long periods of time with exhaust leaking … Read more

How Was You Weekend?

I had hoped to be posting about all the industrious work that I got done on the car over the weekend. Well, that is what I had hoped to be posting. In the end the new seats, hoses, gaskets, cooling fans, and other parts are still sitting around in the garage waiting for me to … Read more

Please Have A Seat

Just a quick note to say that the seats I found for Roxy arrived today! I am very excited because they are actually in better condition than I expected. There is always a bit of nervousness when you buy things site unseen off the Internet from someone on the entire other side of the county. … Read more

What’s Been Going On?

I realized I had been bad about posting, but I didn’t have a grasp of just how bad. No post since the 17th is just unforgivable. But, since I don’t have to ask for forgiveness from anyone I will just carry on. First a short car update – not much going on. I have bought … Read more

Weekend Findings

I set out this weekend to accomplish two main tasks on Roxy. First, I wanted to replace the bushings in the gearshift assembly to eliminate the slop. Second, I wanted to fix the exhaust leak that is causing so much noise and fumes. In the end, I achieved neither. I did get closer though. On … Read more