Don't Make Me Go!

I have been off work for the holiday’s for the past ten days. Tomorrow I have to get up on what will be the coldest day of this winter so far and drag myself to the office. Pure and simple, I don’t wanna go. I like the people at my office, well most of them anyway, and my job is not a bad one on the scale of things, but would much rather be doing my writing, and blogging, and web work that do what I have to do. 4hour

Sad thing is though, I am in that trap that most of us create for ourselves. It is a trap of our own success. You work for years to do well at your job, become a valued member of the team, and to climb your way up the salary ladder. The problem comes when you realize that you would rather be on a different ladder. It is very hard to get from this spot to that spot while you are juggling balls high up in the air.

But, I am working on it. Between this a few other blogs, my British car site, and a two commercial sites, I would hope that I can make a go of it some time later this year. At the very least it gives me something to occupy my not-so-free-time and some very valuable experience with the “new marketplace”, social networking, and Internet advertising.

So basically that, and of course the normal fitness and weight-loss, is my New Year’s resolve. What is yours? What is your plan for the coming 2008? And, just as importantly, what drives you towards that goal?