Have You Seen My Caboose?

Southern Railway CabooseAnother dirt cheap purchase, that will of course need new couplers put on it. The trucks looks good and the wheels are metal, so I don’t think I will need to be replacing those. Since the model was so inexpensive it lacks some detail I would like to see – such a glass in the windows. When I go into it to replace the couplers I will most likely do a little detailing at the same time. The windows shouldn’t be too hard to add, but does anyone know whether I need to paint the window frames?

On a separate note, I finally got XTrkCad running on my Mac last night. There are some problems getting the layout design software to run correctly with the current version of the Mac OS, 10.7 Lion, due to a internal programming library. But, I found a great fix on the XTrkCad Yahoo group, and now all is well. Hopefully I will figure out how to us the program and start making digital maps of my layout plans soon.