Meeting Goals

Goals are wonderful things – well they are when you make them. And thanks to the help of many of you reading this I met my goals for February. Honestly I will attribute meeting my goals to two important things – the choosing of reasonable goals and some hard work. OK, there may be a little luck in there too, but not much.Soccer goal

One of the things I really want to do in 2008 is get my blogging and websites to “work”. To do this I decided, or was convinced by some great articles that I read, that I needed to establish goals and work towards consistently toward those goals. That makes sense since it is what you should be doing with any endeavor that you care about succeeding at. Since December is an anomaly in many ways and I was already towards the end of January when I made this decision, I formed my February goals based on my January numbers. I also looked at where I wanted to be at the end of the year. Finally, I based all of my goals on three distinct metrics – simple hits for all my sites, the number of RSS subscriptions to my blogs, and income from all sources for all of my sites.

What I decided was that I needed to double January for February. Then in March I will need to add on again the numbers I had in January. Basically, at the end of the year that will leave me with monthly numbers that are exactly twelve times what I was doing in January of the year. And here is the cool thing – I met my goals for February! That means I had twice as many readers, twice as many subscriptions, and twice as much income as in the first month of the year.

Now I will be honest and tell you it is all still pretty small, but if I can keep this same growth going forward then by this time next year things will be going well. Will I be able to quit my job and live on a beach somewhere? No. But I will have a nice little bit of additional income and a whole lot more expertise and experience. Those last two things can translate into many more opportunities and outlets in the future.

So tell me, do you have goals? Are they written down and do you work on them daily. And on a personal level, how are you doing with them, and what can we do to help?