Microsoft, Orlando, Disney and LEGO

I am currently down in Orlando, Florida, for the Microsoft Tech-Ed training conference. This is Microsoft’s big once a year convention and educational event. This year they decided to separate the developers from the “I.T. Pros” and it kind of takes the wind out of things a bit. Since it is now in two parts on different weeks everything is a bit smaller and there is less cross-pollination. Also makes me wonder if since we are called I.T. “pros”, does that mean that developers aren’t professional? Wait, don’t answer that. I used to be one and can already tell you the answer!

Anyway, Orlando is warm and the same as always. It is sprawling and ever growing. Also the sheer diversity of cultures, but residents and tourists, is always amazing. You can sit somewhere like the Disney Village Marketplace and hear tons of accents, languages, and speech patterns. And the clothes! Some people just really don’t know how to dress for the weather in the Southern US – much less Florida.

Speaking of Disney Village Marketplace, I always love going to the LEGO Imagination Center with my son. We have been going there together since he was too small to even know what it was. Back then it was my daughter and I who would revel in all the bricks. I will admit it to anyone who cares to listen that I love LEGO. My only regret is that as the time has gone on the store has gone more mainstream and carries less oddball stuff like the trains I love and closeouts from the factory.

Guess I am just a big kid – Disney, LEGO, and toys of all types. It is good to be a dad!