Off To See The Doctor

Guess they don’t like it when your blood pressure shoots up, your face turns red, you get dizzy, and your heart races and thumps. So I am off to be examined this afternoon. I am sure it is a combination of stress, eating habits, stress, lack of exercise, and stress. We will just have to see what they do to me. Probably more medication. Too bad they won’t prescribe a few weeks on a deserted island somewhere.

Worse than medication I am sure the doctor is going to tell me to get back to exercising. Hey, I have a membership to the gym and carry around the card. Isn’t that exercise enough? I figured that by carrying the card in my pocket I would get healthy by osmosis. No?

And what are you telling me, that I need to stop eating Tornadoes (those little rolled up taco things) for lunch from the gas station? But I love gas station food. Anything that has a shelf life longer than the average expected life expectancy of the US population has to be good for you, doesn’t it? If those preservatives keep the food from going bad, should they preserve me too?

Ah well, I am sure the doctor will differ in her opinion. So I will go and be poked, prodded, pee in a cup, and maybe have leaches attached. Sounds like a great way to spend the afternoon. See, told you I was dizzy.