Posting Google Buzz on Posterous

Google Buzz

I just wanted to post the link to my Google Buzz profile in case anyone on Posterous is interested. Just go to and you will find me!

Honestly I am not sure how Buzz will work. There was a lot of buzz, excuse the pun, about Wave when it first came out, but that soon died out. Now I really don't know anyone using Wave of that excited about it. But, Buzz is a bit different and a bit easier to wrap your head around. For those who already have GMail accounts, it is like have FaceBook updates right there in your GMail. For those who have tried to used Twitter but it didn't make sense, Buzz is a bit like an organized and more controllable version of that social media platform.

So, only time will tell! But, in the meantime, please look me up and follow. I will do the same for you….

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