Kill Junk Calls on the iPhone

I really hate sales calls, campaign calls, and solicitation calls. Getting them on my regular home phone is bad enough, but getting them on my cell phone really drives me nuts. Out of the box, you can’t block annoying callers on an un-jailbroken iPhone, but you can make them less of a pain. I will show you my method first, and then tell you about a few alternatives.

1. Create a contact named “Blacklist”. We don’t care about all the details of the contact, just that it has a recognizable name and is a place to store number. I make this a company contact with the name of the contact as just “Blacklist”.

2. Give the contact you created the following picture, or any other ugly picture you desire. blacklist

3. Next we want to assign that contact a custom ringtone, but first we have to get that ringtone to your phone. The ringtone I use is one called “silence“. Click to open it with iTunes or download it and put it in iTunes.

4. Now that you have the contact created and the ringtone in iTunes, sync your iPhone.

5. Almost there, just go into your Blacklist contact and set its custom ringtone to be the one you just uploaded.

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