Windows are Rolled Down

I should have been listening to Amos Lee’s music long before now. I have no idea how such a great artist escaped my attention. Worse yet is that he has escaped a lot of people’s attention.  Give him a listen, and I am sure you will hear why I think his music is so moving.

Tools for the Podcast – Headphones

Just wanted to let you know a bit about the tools I am accumulating to do the podcast. This first thing is my headphones. I will post about other tools in the future, and you all probably know I use a Mac, but thought I would let you know about the headphones now because they are on sale!

Audio-Technica ATH-M20 Professional Studio Monitor Stereo HeadphonesI picked up the Audio-Technica ATH M20 Stereo Monitor Headphones about a week or two ago after reading so many reviews that I was going cross-eyed. I was looking to replace my last pair of headphone because the cat got hold of them. Yes, the cat. The cord was chewed into pieces and the headphone pads were ripped to shreds. So, after reading all the reviews and comparing all the prices, I picked up the Audio-Technica ATH M20 because the reviews were good, the quality seemed excellent, and truthfully – they looked large enough to fit my big head.

In addition to wear while I record The Social Media Monster podcast, I also wanted them to have good range response so I could use them to listen to music and other podcasts. And let me cut it short and just say, they have great quality and tone. Some people have said they are a little big. I don’t know if that is that case, but they fit me perfectly and have a nice padded head band area so they are comfortable against my less-than-hair-padded head. I also love the thicker coiled cord. It is substantial and seem not near as likely to give in to “wear and tear” as the cord on my last set of headphones did.

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Great and Meaningful Music

I was browsing YouTube tonight and came across some music that stirred me up again. I had nearly forgotten how meaningful and poignent R.E.M. can be. I love them and always have. Talk About The Passion by R.E.M. (Berry/Buck/Mills/Stipe) Empty prayer, empty mouths, combien reaction Empty prayer, empty mouths, talk about the passion Not everyone … Read more