Traveling the World – Exercise #29

I have not done near as much traveling as I would like to. I have stayed mostly within the southeastern area of the US and have only been out of the country a few times. Cruising in a HammockBut today’s exercise, number twenty-nine of thirty-one, is to tell you about the places I have travelled. My travels have not been that many or varied, but I will give you a brief rundown.

Let’s cover the United States first. I was born in Louisiana and currently live in South Carolina, so that covers those two states. I also lived in Georgia for a while, so mark that one off. Family in North Carolina and Tennessee have assured plenty of visits to those two, and Disney World a few other trips have covered Florida. But only the top half of Florida – I have never been further south in the great peninsula that Orlando and Tampa. Finally can round out the that corner of the US via some travels back and forth through Alabama and Mississippi, though no real time spent there. Oh! While we are down that way we can tack on a business trip to Dallas, thereby hitting Texas.

As for the rest of the country, I have had business trips to California, and a personal trip to Washington State and Oregon. That Pacific Northwest trip was a great one with lots of friends and classic cars. Back on this side I have toured through Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont. And stuck my toe into Rhode Island. You ask how I did all that and didn’t touch Pennsylvania or Delaware? Well, I did touch them, but only on the throughway and turnpike. That doesn’t count. Just as flying over many other states doesn’t count.

That does it for the US. You will notice a huge gap – basically the entire area in the middle of the country all the way over to California. Seems I eat the country like I eat a Pop-Tart, I just nibble all the edges away. I am forming a plan to take care of some of that more central area though, just haven’t put it into action yet.

On an international front, we can knock out the smallest one first. That would be Bahamas on a cruise where we went to Nassau. Next up in terms of ease would be Canada, but only a small portion of it. I visited Toronto in 2002 on a business trip and rented a car to drive around the area. Very nice.

Next we travel overseas. As I mentioned a few posts back I went with my father and sister to Ireland back in the early 90s. We stayed in Dublin for the majority of the week, but did take a day to  drive down to Waterford and back.

Finally, in 2001 for our fifteenth anniversary, Nancy and I went to England. We mainly did London and its close environs, but we did get up to Abingdon, Warwick and over to Bath. That was a great trip and one I hope to repeat. Well, repeat in the sense of England itself. Although I loved London, I really want to roam farther abroad and even cross the borders into Wales and Scotland.

And that does it! I have not done the European continent yet, and I really want to. Neither have I done anything South-of-the-Border. And there is still a lot of the US to cover. Whew, I had better get started.