Wireless Restaurants

I am hopeless, I admit it. I am glued to my iPhone and my laptop. So when I head out to eat, especially for lunch during the work week, I often judge where I am going by the availability of free wi-fi. I know fast food places like Chic-Fil-A, McDonald’s and Moe’s have free wireless. There are also some middle of the road places around that offer it too. But sometimes I just can’t figure out which ones do or don’t. And when I am on the road I have an even harder time and those are the times when it may be even more important to me.

In the same way that you used to be able to look up on many review sites whether there was smoking or not, I wish that review sites would show whether or not a place has wireless. I love UrbanSpoon on both the web and my iPhone. It is a great reference to have and I hope they spread to more cities. But I also want them to include a denotation of wireless. Since they have some a great iPhone app you would expect Internet connectivity to be important to them.

And it should also work in reverse. It would be great when you are planning a date or romantic evening with the spouse to know you can go somewhere without the threat of typing. Even would work for when you just have a headache. And even better, what about no-cell phone establishments? There have been many times that I would have chosen one restaurant over the one next to it if I had known I would have been safe from loud-mouthed people with bluetooth headsets.

So what do you think? Do you make you lunch plans based on food, price, or Internet connectivity?