A Trip to the Mountains

Last week I had to go to a work conference, horrible life, up in the mountains of North Carolina. We stayed at The Grove Park Inn in Asheville, and enjoyed all the amenities they had to offer. One of the things we did, when I wasn’t berating vice presidents of telecommunications companies, was to drive up the Blue Ridge Parkway to visit Mount Mitchell. This is a beautiful place and even in the heat of the summer where Charleston was around 100 degrees and Asheville was around 93, up near the summit of Mount Mitchell the temperature was in the mid-60s. For those of us from the hot and humid low country, it almost called for a sweater.


I took a bunch of pictures with my new camera, and some of them even came out. Obviously I have a lot more work to do just to become even basically proficient with my new Nikon D40x, but I did have a good time. and for your viewing pleasure or horror I have posted some of those pictures to my gallery. Just check them out by clicking on the above thumbnail or here.

Also in that gallery are pictures I took at the antique auto museum that sits behind the Grove Park Inn. It is an interesting small museum with, unfortunately for me, only on MG. But there are some very nice example of early American big iron. Additionally there are a few pictures from the crafts museum that sits next to the car museum. Pictures of the grounds are also there.

Finally, take a close look at the very first pictures. Our education system at work! This was on the sign of a Holiday Inn across the street from the Fairfield Inn where we stayed on our way up. It was the Airport / Arden exit before Asheville. We were being cheap on our own money before spending the company money for the real business nights of the stay.