Bicycle for a Crooked Road?

Bike for a crooked roadI was in downtown Charleston yesterday taking some pictures when I came upon an interesting site. Now, which is more intriguing? The fact that the wheel is meant for some type of crooked road we don’t have around here, or the fact that even in such a condition that you would see fit to lock the bike up? In general though, I really just like the picture. It is one of those that you look at quickly, say “OK” but then go back and realize that there is more there than you saw on first glance.

Church wall and window - circular congregational chuchAnother image I captured that appealed to me is of one of the upper windows of the Circular Congregational Church here on Meeting Street. The original structure was built around 1730, but this building was put on the same site at a much later time. This is actually the parent church of the Unitarian Church in Charleston, the church that I am a member of. But, as for the picture, I wasn’t sure what was really going to turn out when I took it, but I was trying for kind of a lost, wintery, haunted impression. Not perfect, but I think I captured it fairly well.

I ended up talking about 120 shots while downtown, but I am still going through them and seperating the mediocre from the really bad. It was about 40 degrees so I was freezing to death – remember I am a southern boy born in Louisiana and raised in Charleston – but at least it wasn’t too bad if you kept moving and the sun was shining. If there are any more worth posting when I finish the sorting, I will do so.