Digging For Dracula

Had a delightful lunch today with Sean Hillen and his wife Columbia. Sean is a journalist and author of Digging For Dracula, a work that delves into Bram Stoker’s famous work and it’s legacy. Sean, like Stoker, is an Irishman and offers both a humorous and well researched viewpoint on what the legend of the world’s most famous vampire has meant to people around the world.

Digging For DraculaTalking to Sean and then listening to him read from his work you come to understand that this man has a passion for what he does, and it shows. Likewise, his wife Columbia is also a journalist and seems equally as passionate about what she does. She is originally from Transylvania and now produces a weekly business journal in Romania entitled Bucharest Business Week.

If you have the slightest interest in the vampire myth, I would recommend picking up Sean’s work. Additionally, if you are just into good story telling, you can’t go wrong with it either! I wish him the best with it, and I hope they both have a great time on the rest of their tour through the Southern US. Only problem is, now I want to go watch a bunch of vampire movies! Recommendations anyone?