Gobble, Gobble, Vroooom!

If such is the way of your country, I hope that you and yours have a great Thanksgiving. I am spending the day with family, actually probably the weekend, so am just stealing a few minutes away for a quick post. Oh, and by the way, I actually saw some wild turkeys this morning! I was driving down a remote road heading to the store to get a paper when I saw all these birds off the side of the road. At first I thought they were buzzards, but on second look they turned out to be wild turkey! How many people can say they saw actually wild turkeys on Thanksgiving day?!

First, I am wondering how many of you are going shopping tomorrow in the infamous “Black Friday” shopping frenzy? I probably actually will be, but more to people watch and get out of the house than to shop. I may or may not end up buying anything as it will just depend on what I happen across and what strikes my fancy.

Also, if you are an automotive person so inclined, please stop by my British car site at http://www.JustBritish.com. I am currently working on some revisions to the home page and general site look and feel. What you see there now is the old stuff. Hopefully the version will go live before the weekend is out.

And finally a word about politics. Does it seem that the rhetoric is starting to get nasty and become exactly what all the candidates said it wouldn’t be? Doesn’t it seem that the extremely polarizing positioning is starting and accelerating? Is there any hope at all?