Good Wireless

I just love a hotel with good wireless Internet! I am currently lying on my hotel bed at the SpringHill Suites in Knoxville, Tennessee. The nice thing – other than the good food and Borders Books nearby, is that I have full a full strength wireless connection. Most of the time, even in very high end hotels, I either have to sit at the cramped little desk and plug into an Ethernet connection or I have to do some strange gyration to get a wireless signal. You know those odd body positions that hearken back to the days of trying to get a signal with the old rabbit ears on the TV? One time I finally had to give up and sit in the lobby of the hotel to do my work. Another time I totally gave up and used the hotel’s public station. I really hate that for security reasons.

But the hotel I am at this evening is wonderful. Full and fast access from anywhere in the room. And yes, I even tested it in the bathroom – not that I am going to take the laptop in the tub or anything!

I really wish more hotels would come up to speed like this. I would gladly sacrifice the television with 60 channels of absolute junk for a good Internet connection. These days I think most of the business people who travel would think about the same thing. Of course with kids around the television is a necessary evil, but as they are getting older even they want a good connection in the room.

Had any good or bad experiences with trying to get an Internet connection while traveling? I would love to hear them. Did you end up in the local library or Starbucks? Does this type of thing figure into the picture when you are planning where to stay?