Happy, Happy, Happy – Palmetto Traction

OK, it probably takes a real geek of some sort to appreciate this. Maybe a train geek or a book junky or … whatever I am. I just got, for a ridiculously good price, a book I have been looking for forever.Palmetto Traction
Palmetto traction: Electric railways of South Carolina by Thomas Fetters is the only real book on trolleys used in South Carolina. More importantly to me, it covers the use of trolleys in Charleston. He also wrote a book on the Piedmont and Northern Railway which was in the upper part of the state and North Carolina. (Piedmont and Northern;: The great electric system of the South) That was a more major line, and although they started off electric did eventually go diesel like everyone else. A great book, but it doesn’t cover the subject that I want and that Palmetto Traction does, trolleys and streetcars in Charleston.

So anyway, just being happy that I got my book. I ordered it, crossed my fingers, and it came in quickly and better than originally described. I am a happy, happy boy.