How Was You Weekend?

I had hoped to be posting about all the industrious work that I got done on the car over the weekend. Well, that is what I had hoped to be posting. In the end the new seats, hoses, gaskets, cooling fans, and other parts are still sitting around in the garage waiting for me to do something with them. What I did do was sleep. I got lots and lots of sleep.

The family and I went to visit Keeper of the Wild on Saturday morning. Keeper of a Wild is an organization that saves abandoned or hurt wild animals and nurses them back to health. When at all possible they are released back into the wild. If they aren’t able to be released due to injury or other condition, Keeper will take care of them for as long a necessary. Around here they end up with lots of raccoons and possums. We went to visit on Saturday with a friend of mine, Jan, who does a lot of volunteer work with them. At this time they have the common raccoons and possums, but also skunk, rabbits, prairie dogs, a flying squirrel, and a fox squirrel. If you would like to see some pictures of this trip, please click here.

Anyway, after doing that visit Saturday, I wasn’t feeling so well so I went to bed. Other getting up to eat a bit I slept all that afternoon, evening, and until the next morning. I went to church still not feeling great and then came home and went back to bed. I was basically wiped out until Monday morning! Totally unlike me to fall out in such a way, but I just felt nasty and had no energy.

Roxy is still doing great in spite of my lack of care though. I promise, I will get to work soon!