Let’s get Model Rail Radio recognized!

I think we should all nominate Model Rail Radio for the Annual Podcast Awards.  Just go to http://podcastawards.com  and put the show in the “Entertainment” category. That is the category that makes the Model Rail Radiomost sense.

You get to submit the nomination form ONE time only! So make sure you fill out everything you want before you are done. But, do not submit the same show in multiple categories – if you do, they will throw them all out. (The exception is the People’s Choice category, so you could put it in there too.)


  • Category: Entertainment
  • Podcast Name: Model Rail Radio
  • Podcast URL: http://www.modelrailradio.com

The nominations close on October 15th, so do it now! Let’s show Tom Barbalett how much we appreciate what he started and how much work he has put in.