New British Sports Car – The Farbo

Who said the British car industry was dead? This is the new Farbio GTS – sometime known as the Farboud – and it is now officially in production, near Bath.

The GTS was initially developed as the Farboud GTS, produced by Arash Cars, which is owned by Arash Farboud. But earlier this year Farboud sold the majority of his rights to the GTS, to concentrate on a new supercar project.

Farboud Gts

And so, in June, the Farboud GTS became the Farbio GTS, to clear up any potential confusion over the two different cars. Confusion cleared? We didn’t think so.

There’s certainly no confusion over the make up of the car, and from the spec sheet it looks likely to be a cracker.

The GTS uses a spaceframe chassis and carbonfibre body, with a flat underfloor and venturi to aid aerodynamics. Power comes from a 3.0-litre V6 – believed to be a Ford Duratec unit – that produces 262bhp in standard form, and shoves the GTS from 0-60mph in an estimated 4.8sec. Go for the supercharged version and that comes down to an estimated 3.9sec.

The kerb weight is a pretty slimline 1066kg for the supercharged car and 1048kg for the standard machine, making the power to weight ratios 360bhp per tonne and 250bhp per tonne respectively.

Braking is by four-pot AP Racing calipers, with 350mm vented discs up front and 328mm discs at the rear. Suspension is by Eibach springs with adjustable dampers.

Farbio says the GTS is suitable for touring thanks to a 76-litre fuel tank and a 220-litre boot that can fit a set of golf clubs. Sat-nav is standard.
And the price of all this promise? It’s a lot less than you might think. The standard car is £59,925 and the supercharged version £71,675, and there’s an eight-month UK waiting list.